Experts at delivering

solutions to our customers’ most challenging demands 

Consultation and Business Management Services

Consultation and Business Management Services
The Holston Group Inc.

Entrusted with Delivering Success

  • Building trusting and long-lasting partnerships
  • Extensive expertise in providing quality deliverables and meeting deadlines across several competencies
  • Trusted advisor in offering cost effective executable solutions
  • Received exceptional customer accolades across multiple programs
  • Ability to recruit highly qualified personnel capable of thriving in demanding environments

Core Values

The Holston Group looks to provide elite business services in a flourishing and agile world. The methods in which we accomplish this is just as important as the services we provide. Our core values are the principles that has led to our customers’ and employees’ success.

  • T

    Teamwork, Talent, & Tenacity

  • E

    Excellence & Empowering Employees

  • A

    Accountability & Achieving Results

  • M

    Managing Expectations

About The Holston Group, Inc.

Mission – Delivering optimal solutions to our customers, and aspiring employees to be innovators, one outcome at a time.

Vision – To be a leading trusted partner providing business management services to our customers by optimizing solutions, receiving results, and executing to success.


The Holston Group Inc.

Financial Services

We intend to provide state, local, and federal government the expertise needed to meet their fiscal and calendar year-end financial goals.

The Holston Group Inc.

Management Consulting Services

Understands the need to manage scope, schedule, and cost of programs.

The Holston Group Inc.

Mission Solutions Services

Supports the government during its mission-critical needs.

The Holston Group Inc.

Logistics Services

Providing compliance level and property accountability support with regards to property management and logistics.